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Emmanuelle Collinet

The actress Emmanuelle Collinet has a French name due to her French mother. Her German father and her mother live in Aachen, the city in which she was born and mostly went to school. After having lived in Paris for some time, she moved to Maastricht to study psychology at first and lived in Muenster in Germany finishing her studies for teacher training afterwards. During that period she completed her first state examination successfully and received a private theater education as well as a rhetoric and speaker training.

After her first state examination she moved to Berlin where she attended the drama school Charlottenburg. Within these years she has performed in several plays, as well as a diverse range of filmlets and documentaries. Since 2008 Emmanuelle Collinet works as a free actress speaker and screenwriter. In 2009 she worked for the first time as a producer and filmed the screenplay of “Liebeste Prinzessin Leben”.

Emmanuelle is fluent in English, German and French and masters the Spanish and Dutch language without any accent.


2009 “Liebste Prinzessin Leben” Part Louise Director Wolf Gresenz

2009 “Deer Lucy” (Series) Part Eva Director Wolf Gresenz

2008 “The Beginning” (Short) Part The Women Director Uwe Flade

2008 „Du sollst nicht töten“ (Short) Part Amélie Molier Director Enis Yarimca

2007 „Der junge Beethoven“ (Documentary, WDR) Part Babette Koch Director M. Meert

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