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(Darling Princess Life)

Juliane Schlosser

Juliane Schlosser was born in Stralsund, Germany. While studying phonetics and sports at the Christian-Albrecht-University in Kiel, she founded the Campus Radio and hosted many Radioshows. In 2004 she started acting school and graduated from the European Theatre Institute Berlin in 2007. Since then she acted in several theatre productions for example in the Hebbel Theatre Berlin and in various films. Juliane currently lives in Berlin, working as an Actress, Speaker and Singer.

2009 "Boygroup Brothers" Rolle Marion Bittner (Hauptrolle) Regie Wolf Gresenz Filmteaser

2009 "Dant- Kein Ende in Sicht" Rolle Ehefrau Regie Tarek Helmy Musikvideo

2009 "Liebste Prinzessin Leben" Rolle Tessa (Hauptrolle)Kurzfilm

2009 "Glitter Girls" Rolle Josephine the maid Regie Tanja Grupp Bilingualer Märchenfilm

2008 "Der Liebe wegen" Rolle Anna (Hauptrolle) Regie Gesa Lück Kurzfilm

2007 "Untergang mit Picasso" Rolle Prostituierte (Hauptrolle) Regie Arne Kohlweyer Kurzfilm

2006 "Geistige Umnachtung" Rolle Pfarrersfrau Regie Pablo Alvarez Kurzfilm

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