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(Darling Princess Life)

“Darling Princess Life” is a short film which explores the meaning of love and happiness, seen through the eyes of two very different women whose lives are turned upside down by a chance encounter with one another.

Louise, a woman of provincial roots, finds herself in bohemian surroundings at her cousin’s dinner party where she meets Tessa, a lady very much at home in the neo-burlesque party scene in Berlin. Disappointed by her fiancÚ and enthralled by Tessa’s charms, Loiuse succumbs to a night of passion with her new aquaintance.

The following morning sheds light on the differences which divide these two women. Louise, dazed by the feelings Tessa arouses within her, must come to terms with her preconceptions of her own life’s plans and is thrown into despair. The usually cool and detached Tessa finds herself moved by Louis’s emotional dilemma . She sheds her tough exterior in the unselfish act of comforting Loiuse, and both women are surprised to find buried desires awakened.

When the heated romance becomes more tangible, Louise confesses her love for Tessa. Frightened by intimacy and her own feelings of love for Louise, Tessa breaks off communication and throws herself into the old and familiar surroundings of her past. It culminates in a confrontation in which Louise and Tessa have changed rolls and the distraught Tessa is eased by an assured and confident Louise.

Tessa and Louise both find happiness in laying games aside and accepting their love for each other.

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