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Wolf Gresenz - Director

Wolf Gresenz was born in 1968 in Berlin-Mitte, right inside the heart of the communist part of Germany. In 1973 he and his family make the illegal escape to West Germany, where he grows up and graduates high school in 1987.

In 1991 he returns to Berlin to study media design at the BILDO academy for media design and arts. The 4 years of intense study in photography, film and digital media are followed by one year of a postgraduate study in writing and film directing at the art university for media in Cologne (KHM), Germany. 

In that time  - between 1993 and 1996 – he already finishes several short films and directs his first music video projects for Sony Music, Germany.

In 1995 he establishes his own film production company "Blow Film" in Berlin. 

Within ten years – from 1995 until 2005 - Blow Film produces hundreds of music videos for the German and international market and becomes one of the most influential independent production houses within the German music industry.

Wolf Gresenz himself writes and directs way over a hundred promos for artists like Muse (U.K.), Lionel Richie (USA), Heather Nova (U.K.), Utra Naté (USA), Terranova, Nina Hagen, 5 Sterne Deluxe, Such A Surge, Rae & Christian feat. Bobby Womack, Boss Hogg, Naked Lunch and many, many more.

Creating and shooting music videos provides him not only with sheer tons of  filmmaking experience. Wolf Gresenz establishes also a distinctive, unique stile in his storytelling and visual directing. Consequently he gets hired to direct his first TV commercials in 1998. 

Until today he completed several dozens of commercials for clients like Coca Cola, Mc Donalds, Vodafone, Telecom, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Danone, Ferrero, Nivea, Mexx Fregrance, Deka Investmentfonds, Langenese, Max, Rewe, Karstadt Incene Fashion, Warsteiner Beer and a lot more.

His work has been shortlisted at the Cannes Advertising Festival, brings him the Clio Award (New York, USA) in 1999 and the “clap” advertising award in 2000, as well as various award nominations since then.

 In the year 2003 Wolf Gresenz creates and organizes the first Berlin 36 Festival. It is Europe’s biggest marathon film festival, where film professionals only write, shoot and complete short films within exact 36 hours time. The festival grows significantly each time with an increasing number of cites in Germany and Europe participating and more than 1.500 film professionals joining the sleepless competition. 

In 2009 he directed the fiction-web-series "DeerLucy" ( wich tells a modern, urban story in 20 parts of 5 minutes length. It had its premiere in February 2009 on the largest  daily online newspaper in Germany ( and has been regarded as the benchmark in the new media field of internet entertainment.
He also has been co-writing and directing two pilots for fiction formats in 2009:  "Bob & Christopher" - a real-life-father-comedy - and "The Boygroupbrothers" - a musical countryside extravaganza.

 Apart from this Wolf Gresenz is busy to develop two feature film projects: His first is a Bollywood-inspired motion picture settled in India and Germany, based on a story by Roberto Angov. 

The second feature film is entitled "The Story of Wrath"  and tells ancient legend of Achilles (by Homer) inside the contemporary city of Berlin. 

Participation in previous festivals:.

1994: Videofest Berlin, competition with "Unseen" shortfilm

1995: Videofestival Dortmund,  competition with "Unseen", shortfilm

1998: New York Commercial Film Festival , Clio Award (bronze) for ADTV "Western von Gestern" (TV- and cinema-commercial)

1999: Cannes Commercial Film Festival, shortlisted, nominated for "New Talent Award" for "Bank Robbery" spot (Peugeot Motorcycles)

2001 VMCP (German muscivideo producers' association), 5 nominations. for the musicvideos "Die Leude" by 5 Sterne Deluxe, 2 nomitations for "Uno" by Muse (U.K.)

2003 Berlin36 shortfilm festival, "Berlin Machine", short film*

2004 Berlin36 shortfilm festival, "Markowitz in Hollywood", short film*

(* both short films were screened during the regular Berlin36 3 days festival programme, but did not participate in the competitione since I had been the co-creator of the festival.)

2006: VDW Awards Festival, Mercedes Benz "The Can"

2009: DIPTV Festival (15.11.2009), competition with "DeerLucy" (interactive webisode)

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